Thursday, April 23, 2009

Foodie Friday - Transfer Dinner

Here is the spread that awaits our hungry Missionaries. They have usually been up since 4am, flown for 3 and a half hours, had their orientation and an interview with the President, then they come over to the Mission Home for dinner, a testimony meeting and then they are off to bed early for the last time for 2 years.

We have taco salad because I can have that ready at what ever time they arrive. They start in the back with the chips and move around across the front. Here we have tostitos chips, taco meat (in the crock pot), shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, fresh salsa, guacamole, sour cream and hot sauce. We've used this to feed as many as 26. It helps that I have a 7 quart crock pot for those really large dinners.

Have a Lovely Day~


Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Books I Made for our Granddaughters

Here are the easter books I made for our sweet babies to look at in Sacrament Meetings. I personalized each one and this is what I did:

I purchased a $1.99 photo album from Target, be sure to get the kind that you can take the cover papers out of (not all have that).
I used digital scrapbooking items with microsoft 'publisher' to create a personalized front and back cover for each book.

I bought the "I am a Child of God" card set of Greg Olson prints from Deseret Book.

I backed each card and quote with marblized scrap paper (card stock makes it too thick).

Then I printed the quote for each picture in a cute font (quotes are on the back of the pictures).

I included some pictures of them, their family, a story about them and Heavenly Father's plan of happiness, and of course a picture of Grammy and Papa so they won't forget us.

This post continues for the next 3 posts so I could put all the pictures in.

And This...

And More...

And Lastly...

Each of their books are personalized for them and contain a story. Here is that story:

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Hazel. She lived in a beautiful heavenly home with her heavenly parents. She thought they were so wonderful that she wished she could be just like them. Heavenly Father had a plan that would make her wish come true. He made a place that all of His children could go to live. They would be able to have a body and they would be tested, to see if they would do what Heavenly Father asked of them. It would be a true test of their hearts, because no one could remember their life in Heaven.

Heavenly Father knew that they would make some mistakes along the way, so He sent His Son, Jesus to show them how to live. Jesus would also make it possible to repent and fix her mistakes. Jesus also made it possible for her to have a perfect body one day, and then she could be like Heavenly Father.

Hazel was so excited; she could hardly wait for her turn. One day an angel came to tell her that it was her turn to go to earth. Her earthly parents were anxiously waiting for her arrival. They had been preparing for many years. They had been sealed in the Temple so they could be a Forever Family.

When Hazel went to earth she was so happy, she loved her Mommy and Daddy and her new home. All of Hazel’s family was so glad she had finally come to be with them. They wanted to follow God’s plan for them, and help all of their heavenly friends to go back to live with their Heavenly Parents, and they DID live happily forever and ever after...
Feel free to use any of this if you would like.
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spode, Johnson Bros. & Other Things Pink

Thank you Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday.
Here are the Johnson Bros. "Castles" salt & pepper shakers I found at Home Goods this week.
Here they are with my "Churchill" transferware from Old Time Pottery, a Pitcher I found at Home Goods that is a no name brand but I love it anyway. And the flatware was $1.00 each at Target.
A closeup
A Spode platter that I found at TJMax several years ago. I bought a few pieces of red and a few blue ones as well. I only brought the red ones to Ohio because the blue didn't go with the decor at the Mission Home.
Have a Lovely Day~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Clean Your Screen

Have you ever been cleaning windows only to discover that there is still a smudge or some dirt on the other side of the glass? Somtimes I have that problem with my computer too! Here is the newest technology to take care of those pesky smudges.